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“To provide healthy alternatives for everyday nutrition. We believe food should be simple, nutritious and delicious.”

Formula Fresh Superfood Bar is a concept that emerged from a growing need for healthy, delicious and convenient nutrition. Our goal is to serve as a healthy hotspot that caters to individuals with specific dietary needs, as well the average consumer who is seeking healthier options.

From our signature cold-pressed juices to our superfood smoothies and primal snacks, we make 100 percent of all menu offerings in-house daily from whole ingredients. We have uniquely formulated our recipes to give your palette (and body) a daily dose of healthy bliss.

We offer an extensive list of healthy options for vegans, rawtarians, gluten-free followers and Paleos alike, without limiting our offerings to 100 percent of any traditional dietary labeling.

Military discount: 10%
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Formula Fresh
Formula Fresh