January – Lasagna Bianca (La Familigia) January babes, we love that you’re fun-loving and generous. You deserve a dish that is as jovial and spirit-filled as you are! This lasagna offers a little something extra via a mouthwatering combo of sausage, mushroom, and peas!

February– Vegetarian Summer Corn Chowder (Panera) Born in one of the coldest months of the year, you crave foods that warm your soul. The Vegetarian Summer Corn Chowder from Panera puts you in a permanent summertime state-of-mind.

March– Volcano Shrimp (Fusion Bistro) You see something you want and you go get it. Simply put, you’re bold and adventurous. The Volcano Shrimp from Fusion Bistro is packed with heat and flavor that pairs perfectly with your personality.

April– Mexican Enchiladas (El Jalisco) You don’t see things in black and white. Your interests are versatile and that’s what we love about you! Try the Mexican Enchiladas from El Jalisco. They come with four different enchiladas: beef chicken, beans, and cheese- giving you the entire flavor spectrum at your fingertips.

May– Hand-dipped chocolates (Kilwin’s) It is no surprise that you are charming and sweet. You deserve mouthwatering goodness. Kilwin’s hand-dipped chocolates are nothing short of decadence. Each chocolate is ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with its finest molten cocoa.

June– Alligator Mac N cheese (Uncle Buck’s) June folks, you tell it like it is. You should get a gold star for your honesty…and to be honest, the Alligator Mac N Cheese from Uncle Buck’s is a truly authentic and delicious dish!

July– The Ultimate BLT (Which Wich) You pay attention to detail and everything has its place. That’s why the Ultimate BLT from Which Wich should be your go-to sandwich! Its crisp lettuce, juicy bacon, and fresh tomatoes are neatly stacked and nothing short of perfection.

August– Belgian Waffles S’mores (World of Beer) You are a fan of luxury and the finer things in life. With each bite of the Belgian Waffles S’mores from World of Beer, you’ll be whisked away to the dreamy land of Brussels and bonfires.

September– Popeye Bowl (Formula Fresh) September born guys and gals, we know that you love the outdoors. You’ll take fresh air and greenery over anything, any day of the week! The Popeye Bowl from Formula Fresh will take you back to nature with its healthy, all-natural ingredients.

October– Sweet Bourbon Beef Jerky (Beef Jerky Outlet) You have taste that craves depth. Chances are your palate loves both salty AND sweet. The Sweet Bourbon Beef Jerky from The Beef Jerky Outlet will satisfy your inner “foodie” and give you the best of both worlds!

November– Chicken Burrito (Chipotle) When you go big, you go HUGE. Feel like the VIP you are with the quality ingredients, cooked in-house, chicken burrito from Chipotle. This eatery is committed to responsible farming practices and top of the line customer service for you every single day.

December– Salmon Kabobs (Zoe’s Kitchen) Since you are outgoing and constantly on the go, you will need the energy that the salmon kabobs from Zoe’s Kitchen can give you. They are packed with protein and have a colorful appearance, which will keep you energized in more ways than one.

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