What’s New at Formula Fresh

Ready-to-blend smoothie packs? Yes please.

○ Apart from their interior upgrade and furniture placement revamp, formula fresh has lots of healthy supplements and products like these mushrooms that help in relieving allergies, balancing hormones, and detoxing.

○ Local raw honey is a new addition and also helps with allergies. Honey is also a healthier alternative for sugar in most recipes-especially your morning coffee! Choose from Tupelo honey or Wildflower honey.

○ No time to stop in and grab a smoothie? Now you can make them at home! We love these ready-to-blend packs because they’re healthy, delicious, and convenient.

○ Taste a few different juices with a Juice Flight. Invite a few friends and make a date out of it! Cheers to a healthier flight than wine or beer. [Photo from @formulafresh instagram]

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