Very Peri is Very Fashionable

Every new year means that Pantone gives us a new Color of the Year. Recently, Pantone announced that the 2022 Color of the Year is Very Peri, representing that a “courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.” This vibrant color gives us the familiarity of blue but spices up a bit. Very Peri brightens the complexion while giving you a confident pep in your step.

We are already seeing the retailers at Destin Commons bringing Pantone’s Color of the Year into the stores.

Mood Lifting Pieces

Want to spice up your wardrobe during the long winter days? Try adding a few pieces of this this uplifting shade to your closet. You can go bold or play it safe depending on the hue. And Very Peri looks stunning with a myriad of colors. Of course you can stay with the tried or true color of a black or denim but this shade also looks stunning with navy and gray as well.

 Perfectly Peri Accessories

Change up your look with the addition of fun and sytlish accessories. We love a trendy pair of sunglasses or sneakers for adding in Pantone’s Color of the Year. Another super chic idea is to take your all black ensemble and pair it with some Very Peri pumps and clutch. Oh la la!

Peri Beauty Reigns

To all you beauty junkies out there, we know how much you love to switch up your daily beauty look. There is just something so stunning about a lavender/purple eyeshadow look for a night out on the town. Or try a subtle plum eyeshadow stick for a daily eye that is quick and easy to do.

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