One of our favorite hashtags is now a major lifestyle staple for so many.  You hear about how important it is to be consistent with your self-care and to reward yourself because you deserve it!

We decided to take it a bit further than just telling you where you can splurge.  We’ve all made our New Year’s resolutions to be present, get healthy, become fiscally responsible, etc… so below is a list of items and ways that everyone can give themselves some love and stick to their resolutions too!

Mindfully #TreatYoSelf

Whether it’s the latest thriller, a steamy romance novel, or a self-help motivator, grab a book… and we’re talking a REAL book.  It is proven that reading helps relieve stress and actually works faster than many other methods of relaxation.  When done before going to bed, it helps you fall asleep faster and deeper.  If that isn’t enough to convince you to hit Books-A-Million, other benefits include mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion and you could even pick up some valuable knowledge to use at the next World of Beer Trivia Night.  Ditch the phone and all of its distractions and grab yourself a good old fashioned book.

Healthfully #TreatYoSelf

Our other favorite hashtag is #Foodie because who doesn’t LOVE food?  We find indulging in the best in food and drink is a go-to treat for everyone and Destin Commons has the variety needed to please anyone.  We could go on forever about chocolate treats, gourmet burgers, and fries, but we’re going to stick to our resolutions and still find ourselves a delicious plate of awesome.  Satisfy yourself with a breakfast treat at Formula Fresh, lunch with the gang at Zoës Kitchen or an exotic dinner at Yuga Sushi & Sake House.  All three of these restaurants boast natural ingredients and a host of menu options that are low fat, low calorie, keto, gluten-free, you name it, all while packing a powerful flavor punch that will have your taste buds dancing!

Staying fit and active can be a daunting task, we’re supposed to fit this in while staying alive, working, being a good family member, friend, taking over the world…who has the time right?  One thing that we know will make it easier on you though is having the right gear.  Whether you’re a lone wolf at the gym, enjoy group classes, outdoor enthusiasts or chase a toddler around 24/7, Destin Commons has plenty of stores that have exactly what you need.  From Victoria’s Secret to Finish Line and Foot Locker to Coastal Outfitters and Bass Pro Shops, you can dress the part from head to toe and arm yourself with the weapons (yoga mats, canoes or hiking boots) you need for the war on couch potato-dom.

Soulfully #TreatYoSelf

Ok soul sisters, what makes you glow?  We’re talking that thing (or things) that makes you feel like you can take over the world.  Destin Commons has all the retail therapy you could need so for our fashionistas out there, take a look at our full lineup of stores, grab your favorite shopping partner, the furry kids are welcome too, and let’s get to it.  Handbags, makeup, home décor, a beautiful new piece of jewelry, outdoor equipment, the sky is truly the limit so think hard on that something that you’ve been crushing on and just say YES!

Destin Commons Gift Card

We’ve all heard the adage “giving is better than receiving” and we agree!  While it always nice to do things for yourself, we’ve found that doing things for others makes you feel even better.  Is it time to say thank you to the bestie that’s always there for you?  Does your child have a teacher that deserves a special treat?  How about a significant other that deserves a “just because”?  Pick up a gift card from their favorite store or you can give them a Destin Commons gift card and they can shop at multiple favorites! 

Coins for a Cause Hero

We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention that you can also give back to local nonprofits in our area by plugging one of our parking meters on our interior streets as part of our Coins for a Cause program.  Whether you park there or not, our meters will gladly accept your loose change, or you can swipe a credit card, and we will, in turn, make donations throughout the year to a variety of local nonprofit organizations.  Join us and the over $1.5 million dollars that have been donated by others to make a difference.

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