Tips for Working from Home

Here is the reality. You now find yourself working from home and are not quite sure of how to get into the groove. For many of you, this is something you have always wanted to try. For others of you, this is your worst nightmare. You are removed from your colleagues and day-to-day schedule. We gathered some tips that will get you in the right frame of mind and increase your productivity.

Tip #1- Set Up a Work Station

First things first. You need a space that is solely dedicated for you to work at. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated office at home then be thankful. You can shut yourself off from all the chaos going on around you and concentrate on getting things done. Many of us will find ourselves taking over the nooks and crannies and making them into a mini-office. Just make sure that you find a place where your distractions will be limited and that you have decent lighting. We also recommend putting something on your desk that brings you joy. Maybe it is a beautiful vase of flowers or a fun pencil cup. Just make the space yours. Trust us- your efficiency will thank you!

Tip #2- Get Dressed for the Day

As tempting as it may seem to stay in your pajamas all day, getting dressed for the day will put you in a more productive frame of mind. Plus, you never know when you will have to jump on a video conference call. We have given you some tips for dressing as you work from home. Click here for the full blog. Basically, pair a simple top with a comfortable pair of jeans, joggers, or leggings. Then, apply your makeup and fix your hair, and you will be ready to hop on Zoom at a moment’s notice. The key is to keep it simple and polished.

Tip #3- Stick to a Schedule

Chances are that on top of trying to complete your daily work, you are now faced with the fact that you are homeschooling your children. In order to get everything completed, you are better off sticking to a schedule. Set aside specific times that are dedicated to helping your children with their work and time that you are dedicated to your work. This will never go flawlessly as things always come up, but keeping a schedule will help keep you and your kids on the right track.

Tip #4- Take Breaks

While you are adjusting to your new norm, be sure to take breaks throughout the day. Find something that helps you to relax. This can be a simple as taking a stroll around your neighborhood or enjoying a cup of coffee. We love to flip through a magazine to get our creative juices flowing again. One suggestion was to create an inspiration board of things that excite you. Another option is to listen to music that you find motivational. Create that playlist and then get to work!

Tip #5- Stay Calm

This is an uncertain time and with that comes anxiety and apprehension. We completely understand and are in the same boat. So, please make sure you that you remember to give yourself a break, take some time to just breathe, and realize that your are doing great. Self -care is essential as a time like this. If you do not take the time you need for yourself, then you will not be at your best for your loved ones. Drinks plenty of water, meditate, and get enough sleep. We believe in you!

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