Summer Skin Solutions

Summer alone can bring a host of skin issues for you to deal with -increased humidity and high temperatures can wreck havoc even on the best of skin. Now, add to that the stressors that 2020 has brought plus the frequent mask-wearing and you may have noticed that your skin is just not in its usual state.

Summer Skin Issue: Sunburn

We have all been there given that we live in a coastal Florida community. We forget to reapply sunscreen, don’t like the feel of sunscreen on our skin, or simply just spend too much time in our gorgeous Florida sun. Whatever the case, you are left with a nasty sunburn. Sunburns are simply the immediate evidence of UV damage caused by the rays of the sun. Over time, sun damage will show up as pigmentation and can break down the collagen in your skin leaving you with wrinkles and sagging.

Sunscreen is your friend! Please use it and remember to reapply it. It is always better to prevent damage than trying to repair the damage. Dermatologists recommend using an SPF of at least 30 and the main ingredient should either be Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. If you end up with a sunburn, take on over the counter pain reliever to reduce inflammation. Also, use aloe vera to help soothe your burn. You will also want to choose products with hyaluronic acid to keep you skin hydrated.

Summer Skin Issue: Acne

Does it seem that your skin seems to break out more in the summer? These pesky breakouts can be tied to your skin naturally produces more oil which in turn causes your pores to clog. ut in the summer specifically, flare-ups are usually tied to a natural increase in oil production. You might think that with extra oil production that you should cleanse your skin more but all that does is strip your skin of oil and causing it to produce more. The best thing is to use a gentle cleanser, avoid heavy moisturizers, and look for products with ingredients like niacinamide.

Another tip for keeping skin clear is to routinely exfoliate with retinol or exfoliating acids (AHAs and BHAs). Many dermatologists also recommend looking at your diet to determine if certain foods like dairy and high glycemic index foods trigger your breakouts. Are facial protection masks also causing your skin to breakout? Make sure you stock up on these and launder them regularly.

Summer Skin Issue: Flaky Scalp

Just as your face seems to produce more oil during the summer, so does your scalp. This excess oil can result in increased inflammation of the hair follicles causes dandruff and scaling. How do you combat this and get back to a healthy scalp? The best advice is to wash hair after sweating or working out and use a shampoo formulated specifically for dandruff. Another tip is prior to shampoo is to gently exfoliate your scalp to loosen dead skin.

Summer Skin Issue: Dry, Cracked Skin

Let’s get this straight- your face is oiler and yet you are finding the skin on your body tight, dry, and cracked. Seriously? Much of these comes from the fact you are wearing open shoes and your hands are increasing in water. Plus, if you are working diligently to prevent the spread of Covid-19 then you are constantly washing your hands. Avoid hot water and use a moisturizer to relieve that tight dry feeling you are experiencing. We love a body moisturizer with glycolic or lactic acid- if our face loves these ingredients then so will the skin on our bodies! A great tip to soften your feet is to slather them in a thick ointment and wrap them in plastic wrap for 10 to 15 minutes. Feet need love too!

Summer Skin Issue: Melasma

Do you know what the absolute worst thing for melasma (dark patches on the face) is? Heat and sun! That is almost impossible to avoid here in Florida but you can do your best by wearing sunscreen and wearing large brim hats. Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are the best as they block the harmful UV rays of the sun and do not generate heat in the skin.

Adding a powerful antioxidant into your daily skincare routine is essential. Look for products containing vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, or vitamin E are great for targeting skin discoloration. We love a great vitamin C for brightening the skin. Using a chemical exfoliant is also useful in keeping hyperpigmentation all year long but especially in the summer. If you are still not happy with the unevenness of your skin, consult a dermatologist about laser treatments. Costly but effective!

Summer Skin Issue: Ingrown Hairs

Frequent summer grooming is necessary but can lead to ingrown hairs. This happens when hair grows at an irregular angle and then curls back into the skin causing the skin to become aggravated. Dry brushing to exfoliate the skin can help lessen the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Also, using products that contain salicylic acid and lactic acid help to exfoliate the skin and free the trapped hairs. And if you still get an ingrown hair, apply a warm compress to the area to soften the hair and using sterilized tweezers gently pull it out.

Hot Weather Picks from Sephora

1.With broad-spectrum SPF 50+ and pollution protection, Kiehl’s daily facial sunscreen helps defend skin from environmental aggressors and prevent the first signs of aging. This lightweight, non-comedogenic formula absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a matte finish.

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

2. This moisturizer is ideal for summer skin. It’s an oil-free, fast-absorbing formulation that provides weightless hydration without clogging pores and keeps skin looking fresh, hydrated, and balanced.

Shani Darden Weightless Oil-Free Moisturizer

3. A patented two-step anti-aging AHA/BHA peel pad pre-dosed with seven acids to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, pores, and shine.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra-Strength Daily Peel

brigeo scalp revival

4. A unique, charcoal- and coconut oil-infused scalp shampoo that detoxifies, exfoliates, soothes, and balances the scalp for optimal scalp health.

Briogeo Scalp Revival

5. A natural daily exfoliator that buffs and polishes with BHA and apricot microspheres to reveal smooth, radiant healthy-looking skin.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

6. Consisting of a revolutionary, dual-action, alpha-beta hydroxy acid complex, Bump Fix reduces ingrown hairs and razor bumps while soothing and replenishing skin. With a combination of salicylic acid and lactic acid, it exfoliates the top layer of the skin and penetrates deep into the cell, freeing skin-trapped hairs and preventing new ingrown hairs from forming.

Jack Black Bump Fix

7. A face serum loaded with 10 percent L-ascorbic, lactic, and kojic acid to help fade the look of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Grade IPL Dark Spot Correcting Serum

8. COOLA’s Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion delivers powerful antioxidants and nourishing, soothing ingredients that help skin bounce-back after a day in the sun. It’s perfect for any exposed skin that’s in need of deep hydration!

COOLA Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion

9. This whipped cream, powered by an effective blend of grape polyphenols and iris extracts, tightens the body’s appearance and leaves the skin nurtured and delicately scented with an infusion of orange blossom.

Caudalie Vinosculpt Lift & Firm Body Creme

10. This next-level sleeping mask gives you the appearance of plumper, smoother skin after as little as one night of use. Start by replenishing moisture with a cooling gel essence powered by rosewater, damask rose extract, and hyaluronic acid. Then lock it in with a silky water-cream mask that uses time-release technology.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

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