Strike a Pose at Destin Commons

From the Beginning

Destin Commons has been creating Instagrammable spots before Instagram was even on the radar, and we keep creating the magic with some of the most photo-worthy spots along the Emerald Coast.

Oh Christmas Tree

Given that this is the most wonderful time of the year, Destin Commons brings the center to life with our 50 foot Christmas Tree as the focal point. You will find this magnificent tree decorated and ready for its photographic debut in mid- November. Meticulously decorated with peppermint themed ribbons and hundreds of red, silver, and gold ornaments, this is the perfect place to have your annual Christmas card photo snapped. An added bonus is that it is equally as beautiful during the day as it is in the evening.

Up on the Rooftop Reindeer Pause…

Pick your photo op location amongst our 10 topiary reindeer located throughout Destin Commons. These whimsical reindeer made their debut in 2016 and have easily become a crowd favorite. Even our furry friends love the green four-legged creatures!

Murals Galore

These 9 artistic masterpieces have quickly become the most popular and easily recognizable spots in the local area to have a photo snapped and posted on a social media platform, and we absolutely love it! Not only are these murals fun and quirky, but they also enhance the cultural environment of the center. These interactive works were created by world-renowned and local artists with some of the murals being commissioned for Destin Commons. Go ahead and strike a pose in front of one or all of these works of art!

Shark Bait

Guests of Destin Commons love to mess around and pretend that they are being eaten by the giant shark located just outside Bass Pro Shops. Aren’t you glad that it is just a replica made of fiberglass and not the real McCoy? So, before you leave, make sure you take a moment and have a photo op with the shark. We promise all your limbs are safe!

Spread Your Wings

Thanks to Stubbs Orthodontics, we have this beautiful mural located just outside of Sephora and by the play area. Not only is this mural beautiful, but it is a great source of inspiration. We must never forget to be brave, spread our wings and most importantly, to SMILE!

Luckey us!

Next, Destin Commons gives to you the only Luckey Climber in the area. This is just more than a piece of play equipment for children. It is a climbing structure that encourages children of all ages to interact with their peers while problem-solving and thinking spatially. Children and parents alike love to snap pics in front of this part work of art and part jungle gym.

Fountain on Display

Last but not least, our fountain at Center Plaza is a beautiful spot to capture a special moment at any time of the year. Every fall, we create a glorious display full of pumpkins, sunflowers, and rich autumnal colors for all to enjoy. Which is your favorite way to enjoy the fountain?

Now, we are ready to see all your posts from around Destin Commons? Just make sure tag @thedestincommons and who knows, we just might ask if we can share your photo.

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