Skincare Edit from Summer to Fall/Winter

Now that colder and dryer days are on the horizon, it is time to edit your skincare for fall/winter. Even though we do not see blustery cold days very often that does not mean that our skin does not feel the effects of the change in weather. Winter days mean there will be a dip in the humidity level, indoor heating, and hot showers that will dry out the skin and compromise the skin barrier. The damage to the skin barrier will cause the skin to become sensitized, or tight, flaky, and itchy.

We visited our friends at Sephora, Lush, and Belk to consult on the best products to use during the fall and winter months. Consider making skincare edits over the next few weeks to to keep your skin looking radiant and glowy!

Cleanser Swap Out

Say goodbye to the gel and foaming cleaners that you may have been using during the hot summer months. Since your skin is already producing less oil than it does in the summer, foaming cleansers will strip away the needed essential oils in your skin and exacerbate dry skin. A better option is to switch to gentle creamy or oil cleansers.

Serum Swap Out

Serums are an amazing in that they contain concentrated actives that your skin craves. If you have not already made an investment to add in a serum(s) into your skincare regimen then this is the time to do so. If serums are already part of your regimen then kudos to you. You may want to consider to adding in a serum that contains hyaluronic acid. This magical little ingredients aids in locking in moisture which results in hydrated and plumper skin.

Moisturizer Swap out

In order to ward off dry, flaky skin during the colder months a great moisturizer is a priority. Check for ingredients like ceramides and glycerin that will help lock moisture into the skin. We also love using a great hydrating oil prior to applying moisturizer for the days when our skin needs some extra oomph.

Lip Care Swap Out

Your lips need some additional care during the colder months. Gone are the days of the of light lip balm. Colder days require a thicker layer of protective balm. We highly recommend using one of these nourishing lip masks at night before bedtime. You will wake up with the plump, hydrated, and kissable lips. Chapped lips be gone!

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