Self-Care During Stressful Times

If there was ever a time to practice self-care, it is now. Our new norm of social distancing is extremely stressful and rapidly changing, so now more than ever, please take the time to show a little love to yourself.  With many of us working from home now, it is no longer about #SelfCareSunday. We need to practice a little bit of self-care each and every day.

What is self-care?

Self-care comes in all forms and is dependant on the individual. Simply put, it is the act of doing things to nourish your mind and body. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, the truth is that most of us simply do not take the time needed to do this. It is important to remember that self-care does not have to mean a specific amount of time devoted to ourselves. It can be as easy as dedicating 2 minutes or as glorious as an hour. It is doing what you need to give yourself that much needed time and mental break to recharge.

Self-Care Ideas

We are sharing with you some of our favorite ideas for taking a breath and giving back to yourself.

  • Start your day with hot water and lemon
  • Say a prayer of gratitude
  • Enjoy a piping cup of coffee or tea
  • Do some breathing exercises to calm your mind
  • Eat a piece of chocolate and don’t feel guilty
  • Color
  • Declutter a drawer
  • Take a leisurely walk
  • Start a journal
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Practice yoga
  • Discover a new podcast
  • Enjoy a nap
  • Exercise
  • Read a book
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Cook/bake a new dish
  • Talk to your furry friends. They have no judgment!
  • Relax in a hot bath

As we adjust to the situation around us, we hope that you remember to cut yourself some slack and breathe. You have this!

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