Re-fresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Is your closet spring ready? It’s getting hot out and summer is coming up fast. That means you will need lighter fabrics and the right accessories like shoes, jewelry, and bags. To get you started on your warm weather wardrobe, here are four must-have items we recommend.

Linen is a fabric made of fiber from a flax plant and noted for its strength, coolness, and luster. Doesn’t that sound perfect for warm weather? You will feel so much lighter, but just as comfortable and covered as you are with cotton and polyester. In case you are wondering, the different between linen and cotton is that linen is stronger in fabrication, yet cooler on your body AND has moisture wicking properties. Ready to go buy some linen? We know we are. Check out this versatile linen jumpsuit from H&M that has the cutest touches of fashion in its belt, pockets, and otherwise.

The second item you will need for this time of year is a specific kind of jewelry. We are talking no fuss, simple, yet gorgeous, jewelry. It hasn’t gotten bolstering hot yet, so your clothing choices will be a little heavier and longer than you’ll wear in the summer. To achieve the perfect balance of fabric and jewels in your springtime outfits, go with the more minimal choices like this ring from Pandora. Once summer hits, jewelry will take over to add more flare to your outfit without making you sweat.

Of course, we cannot forget about shoes. Those boots you might think of wearing will most likely leave you miserably hot this season. Let your feet breathe in some sandals and don’t feed in to the common misconception that sandals cannot be glamorous because they can and we have proof! This Candice pair from Aldo is trendy, yet elegant, and easy to wear and pair with the rest of your outfit. Tan is a neutral tone and neutrals go with anything and everything. Plus, the metallic touch on these tan sandals will look awesome with your colorful Easter outfit, your wedding guest outfit, or even your concert on the beach outfit. Now go get those new shoes on!

We know you want to be prepared for any kind of adventure you’re having today. It’s no fun being without lip balm when you need it, not to mention your phone, wallet, or keys! Work, play, or otherwise. Re-fresh your daily purse with one that is smaller, more lightweight, and easier to carry. Crossbody bags are your answer! Especially cute ones like the below. It is the pocket-plentiful, Hobo Drifter Crossbody Bag from Belk.

Think lighter fabrics like linen and sleek, quality accessories for your most fashionably fun spring ever.

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