Coins For A Cause Donates to Destin Chamber

Destin Chamber CEO Shane Moody receives a $592.25 donation from Destin Commons’ Coins For A Cause Program . Also pictured is Rachel Guidry, Destin Commons Marketing Coordinator. Destin Commons bought a sponsored bowling lane at Destin Forward’s first fundraiser: Pins and Pancakes where there was a pancake breakfast, bowling competition on corporate sponsored bowling lanes, and silent auction.

Also Destin Commons sponsored a coins for a cause day as a 2nd fundraiser for the class where Destin Forward members placed notes on the cars of those who donated to the CFAC meters on property thanking them for their generosity.

These 2 items totaled to a $592.25 check.

These fundraisers are paying for Destin Forward’s project, which is to beautify the Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village by landscaping and irrigation efforts as well as fundraising a mural to be painted on their bathhouse wall.

posted by Daily News