Music Festival Essentials

It’s that time of year when the weather isn’t too hot and is most definitely worth being outside for. What would be better than enjoying some live music at the same time? Music festivals are popping up everywhere from huge names like Coachella to our local and intimate festivals like Sand Jam in Panama City Beach or 30A Music Festival. If you have not attended a music festival before or maybe you forgot to save your packing list from last time, there are definitely a few essential items you need to pack and from our experience in attending many music festivals, you will be glad you did.

  1. A Hands Free Bag

You will definitely want to be hands free at any music festival in order to either jump up and down while listening to a band or just browsing the other attractions while sipping a cool drink. We recommend a fanny pack first and foremost, like this Peyton Convertible Flap Belt Bag from francesca’s because it is easy and comfortable to keep in front of you. As much as the atmosphere at the festival will be light and fun, you still will want to be able easily keep track of the belongings that are meaningful to you.

  1. Sunscreen

Whether you are going for one day or three, you will want sunscreen to keep your skin happy and healthy during the festival days. Your body will feel a lot hotter in the sun if your skin is already burnt and getting in the shower after will not be pleasant either, so grab at least three bottles to pack like these Alba Botanica Very Emollient Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 from Whole Foods Market.

  1. Closed-Toe Shoes

We know you might want to wear flip-flops because it feels like a perfect fit for the warm weather event, but beware, it is not the perfect choice at all. Getting your feet stepped on is not fun and unfortunately, you should expect it to happen to you at least once during your music festival visit. Don’t worry though, we have your solution. Shoes like these from Crocs CitiLane and LiteRide lines are fun, fashionable, breathable, and closed-toe. The best part about these shoes? You can hose them off outside or in the sink making them perfect for any music festival ground turf you might find yourself walking through like sand, dirt, mud, or otherwise.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Portable bathrooms will most likely be the case at the music festival you plan on attending and who knows what you will find at the hand washing station or there may not be a way to wash your hands at all, so definitely pack a mini hand sanitizer like these PocketBac Hand Sanitizers from the Spring Bouquet pack at Bath and Body Works.

  1. Sweat-Proof Makeup

We know you plan to take many pictures and capture your music festival memories and we also know that you will want to feel confident in those pictures, so grab some sweat-proof makeup from Sephora like these products from Fenty Beauty, Cover FX, Too Faced, Make Up For Ever, and Nudestix. Are you planning to go sans makeup? Then grab some sunscreen that’s good for the skin on your face like this one from Supergoop, which is also available at Sephora.

  1. Festival-Ready Apparel

After all the walking, singing along, dancing, and chatting, you will want to be in lightweight and breathable clothing. These Real Soft® Ribbed Tanks from Aerie are perfect and easy to pair with shorts like this Blue Striped Linen pair from The Copper Closet.

Now that you’re festival ready, go out there worry-free and have fun!

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