Let’s Celebrate Our Earth

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd and has been since its inception in 1970. This annual event brings together millions of people from around the world in support of our planet. By living in such a spectacular area abundant with bodies of water and nature at its best, it is our responsibility to protect it. Several of our retailers are invested in initiatives to help raise awareness and are making strides in their eco-friendly efforts. Help us celebrate Earth Day every day!


H&M recognizes that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the water as well as one of the most water-intensive industries. That is why they are investing in new technology to help tackle these issues as Mother Earth does not have enough natural resources to keep us producing at the rate at which we have been and that is why they are switching the way in which they make, use and say goodbye to clothes. In order to make this possible, H&M supports companies like Re:newcell, Worn Again, Ambercycle, and Infinited Fiber, which diligently work to change the fashion industry.

Another important initiative the H&M has implemented is using 100% recycled, organic, or other sustainable materials to create clothing. Be sure to shop their Conscious Collection and you just might be wearing clothing made out of grapes wood pulp or crop waste!


Every day is Earth Day at Lush, and one would be hard-pressed to find a company more dedicated to environmental issues. Lush prides itself as being a company of activists and working with grassroots organizations to fight for climate justice. Through the company’s charitable giving program, Charity Pot, they are able to supports groups who resist additional harm to their communities and creating innovative solutions resulting in lasting change.

Lush has also introduced products where there is zero packaging. Today, Lush’s products are around 65% unpackaged or NAKED. All the rest of the procuts are housed using recyled and recylable materials. Be sure to try a few are these little gems to your beauty routine!


Hollister is another company that is striving to lessen its footprint on the planet. By 2022, Hollister will have reduced the amount of water used to produce denim by at least 30%. Select styles are now made with alternative dyes, which makes for a more earth-friendly process. They have also teamed up with the Better Cotton Initiative. BCI farmers are trained to use less water & harmful chemicals, care for soil health & apply principles that support workers’ safety & wellbeing. Hollister is committed to sourcing 25% of their cotton as Better Cotton by 2025. All this adds up to a very big deal in the fashion industry so take a moment to shop these select products.

Want to make a difference in another way? Spring clean that closet and send what doesn’t make the “keep pile” to our friends at thredUP. It’ll keep clothes from piling up in landfills & earn you a Hollister shopping credit.


Now is the time to get really excited about leggings! Pink has upcycled 7.6 million plastic bottles and counting to make some of the fabrics that you know and love. They have also joined forces with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to help drive environmental and social responsibility throughout their supply chain. Another great initiative that Pink has undertaken is partnering with American Forests to plant 100,000 trees. Check out Pink’s other sustainability initiatives here.

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