Holiday Recovery in 6 Easy Steps

The holidays are packed with busy events, rich food, and sometimes too much stress. We want to help you get through the aftermath and start anew, so we have a plan for you that includes many healthy, easy, and delicious things for you to do just that.

1. Supplements

Whole foods Market has many supplements and shakes that can get you through anything. We suggest the raw organic meal replacement shake or the raw protein and greens formula if you are too tired to make anything for breakfast. Just drop 1 or 2 scoops and 8 oz. of almond milk into a bottle, shake it up, and done.

Post-lunch; go for some B vitamins and vitamin D to boost your mood and energy.

2. Something to Sip

We still have cold weather ahead, so grab some tea from The Spice & Tea Exchange to stay warm wherever you are. There’s just something about holding a hot beverage in your hand that makes the day five times better.

3. Get Your Greens

Keep your immune system happy with plenty of fruits, veggies, and protein from Zoë’s Kitchen- hummus included!

4. Get Your Zzzzs

In order to truly start fresh, you need quality sleep. No random wake-ups, no not being able to fall asleep, and no not being able to wake up! Sleep aids from Whole Foods Market and special bedding from Belk are your nighttime solutions.

5. Last but not Least…

…new workout gear! Yes, new clothes from Finish Line and new shoes from Foot Locker you can’t wait to wear. Whatever works to get you motivated to sweat or stretch- just do it!

6. Reward Yourself

After you sweat it out it is time to try a new haircut at Aveda, a new phone case from T-Mobile, or soothing bath bombs from LUSH to relax your sore muscles. Do it because you deserve it!

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