Hats Off the Graduating Class of 2020

To the graduating class of 2020, we salute you and all your accomplishments. You will go down in history as the outstanding class that graduated during a time where you would not have the privilege of walking across the stage to receive your diploma and there would be no celebrations with your friends as you move on to the next chapter of your life. You have shown your strength and perseverance during this uncertain time, and we could not be more proud of you.

Trying to figure out what to give as a graduation present is difficult. Money is always appreciated by any graduate. However, there are times when you want to give a gift that will always be treasured and remembered during this special time in their lives. We have selected a few of our favorite go-to gifts that are sure to please any graduate.

Classic and Timeless

When you look back at gifts you have received, which ones stand out in your mind? A cherished timepiece or a beloved piece of jewelry are standouts. We visited REEDS Jewelers, Pandora, and Kays Jewelers to find some stunning pieces for your graduate.

For the Art Lover

Finding a gift for a Fine Arts major or just a left-brained individual can be tough especially if you are right-brained. Creative people will love gifts that are out of the box and original. A favorite is selecting a one-of-a-kind piece of art from The Destin Pearl Gallery. This will be something that the recipient will cherish forever. Other great alternatives include a photo frame found at Brighton or an astrological trinket dish from Francesca’s Collections.

The Essentials and Beyond

College and heading graduates are starting on new paths in life. For some it may be heading off to college of their dream. Others may be starting a new job. And some may be jetting off to explore the world. Whatever path they are going down there will always be grateful to receive some useful and practical gifts. College students will need to be loaded up with caffeine to get through those all night study sessions so a Keurig Coffee Maker and Ember Temperature Controlled Mug are lifesavers. A gorgeous and utilitarian work bag is ideal for young adults starting their first job. And we love the gift of luggage. They may think of it as useful for all those exciting trips to distant lands that they will be taking but we think of it as they are always welcome home!

Calling All Techies

If your grad is anything like the ones we know then they are all about the latest gadgets. Seriously, have you seen a young person without a phone in hand lately? Treat your superstar with the latest technology finds at T-Mobile and Belk. Whether it is the latest smartphone or a robot vacuum, these gifts are sure to impress.

We are so excited for this group of young people that are sure to take the world by storm. Congratulations on a job well done!

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