Great Goodies for a College Care Package

College kids are back on campus and your house may suddenly seem extremely empty and very quiet. We know how much you miss having them around, so why not send them a little care package to let them know that you are always thinking of them. Plus, kids love getting goodies from home!

Scents of Home

If you have ever lived in a dorm or remember your first apartment then you can remember that they do not always smell the best. Think stale pizza and musty odors permeating the air! Long gone are the comforting smells of home that greet you when you walk in the door. Why not help a kid out and send them a college care package full of home fragrances sure to temporarily fix the situation? We even picked out some options that will create an environment of zen to help eliminate some of the stress.

Tasty Snacks

College kids love snacks. These are great for all those late-night studying sessions or just when you get the munchies. We found some delicious sugary goodness at It’sugar and Southern Living Store and some healthier options at Whole Foods Market and The Beef Jerky Outlet. A nice mix of the healthy and the not-so healthy are great so you get that extra bit of parenting in.

Grooming Odds and Ends

College kids are not known for taking the best care of themselves. Let’s face it, they are staying up late hours, have irregular sleep patterns, and sometimes share a communal bathroom. This does not exactly promote a self-care routine. Why not take this opportunity to send them a few bits and bobs to help them out a bit? We found some great options from Lush and Sephora that can easily fit into their new lifestyle.

College care packages are easy and fun to assemble. Plus, your college kid will love any or all of these items in the mail.

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