Make 2016 your fittest year yet! That’s right- It’s a New Year, and time to get moving! Most of us are fully aware of the many health risks associated with being sedimentary, but many times the mere thought of physical activity can feel overwhelming. Regular exercise is not just good for your health; it’s good for your mind and has been proven to reduce stress too. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to commit yourself to a new personal fitness goal.

One of the most popular excuses is a lack of time. Instead of thinking, “Who has time to go all the way to the gym, exercise, shower, and go home?”, look at it from a different perspective! Who can afford not to? You need to focus on taking care of yourself and this will significantly improve many parts of your life. In order to ensure that you succeed this year, we are spotlighting our Top 7 Tips for guaranteed success and our favorite fitness products to help you achieve your new fitness goals.


It is much easier to make exercise a habit if it is a daily one. If you aren’t exercising at all we would suggest starting small- try exercising a half hour every day. When you only exercise a couple times per week, it is much easier to turn one day off into three days off, and then a week off quickly becomes a month off. If you are already in the habit of exercising, switching to three or four days to fit your schedule may be more convenient, but it is a lot harder to maintain a habit if you don’t incorporate it into your routine daily and a lot easier to start making excuses.


Once you have developed the habit of regular exercise, what should you do if you still aren’t reaching your goals? Most people will solve the problem by exercising for longer periods of time, turning 30 minute workouts into long two hour stretches. Not only does this drain your time, but it is not very effective.

Exercising for periods longer than sixty to ninety minutes can change the chemical state in the body which destroys muscle and causes fat content to rise. The majority of improvement comes from short bursts of intensity balanced with an elevated heart rate, so doing too much can often mean getting less.


Many people tend to get frustrated when they plateau in their weight loss goals. Everyone has a genetic set point where there body wants to remain- this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your fitness goals, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you are struggling to lose weight or put on muscle. Acknowledging a set point doesn’t mean giving up, but it does mean realizing the obstacles you face.


Know what you eat! This doesn’t mean you need to freak out over every gram you eat, just focus on being aware of the big things. Look at the foods you eat regularly and figure out whether they are healthy or not. Don’t get fooled by the deceptively healthy snacks just pretending to be good for you- especially those labels “low carb” or “fat free”.

The basic nutritional advice seems to be: Eat unprocessed foods, Eat more veggies, and Use meat as a side dish, not a main course.


Don’t let a four day holiday interfere with your attempts to get in shape. This doesn’t mean that you need to follow your diet and exercise plan without ever taking a break, but when you are in the first thirty to sixty days and still forming habits, be careful that a week long vacation doesn’t stop your progress.


Have you ever started an exercise plan by running 3 miles and then found yourself feeling too sore for a week? Don’t discourage yourself. Take your time, you have an entire lifetime to be healthy, so don’t expect to go from couch potato to athletic superstar in a week.

If you are going to start running, run less than you can to start. Lifting weights? Work with less weight than you could use. Give your body time to develop the muscle necessary to increase intensity and endurance.


Should you hurry and find yourself a workout partner? That depends. Workout partners can be great motivation and make exercising more fun. But they can also stop you from reaching your goals. My suggestion would be to have a workout partner, but if you’re not challenging yourself enough after a while and you haven’t reached your goals, consider mixing things up a bit. Make sure to communicate your goals to your work out partner to ensure they help you reach your goals, not hinder them.

Below is a list of all our favorite fitness gear to help you achieve ultimate wellness! Everything can be found at Destin Commons, so come stroll through the property on a clear day and enjoy yourself. Just remember- each step will bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals.

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