Foods in Season Now and Where to Find Them

It’s September and we are definitely craving fall foods.

It’s time to enjoy fall’s best crops and our restaurants carry all of them. Food is much better tasting when it is in season, so don’t miss out on these offerings at our eateries!


At Gulf Coast Burger Co, you’ve got to try the mushroom and swiss burger. You’ll also find savory roasted garlic aioli on there and it’s all inside a warm brioche bun. Is your mouth watering yet? Have one of their category 5 shakes for dessert to really treat your tastebuds. Not a burger fan? World of Beer offers a Korean dish: Bibimbap, which includes spicy Gochujang marinated steak, sauteed mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots and it is served with kimchi cabbage, scallions & a fried egg-yum!

Raspberries & Plums

Grab these fresh fruits at Whole Foods Market and use them to master sweet and savory recipes like Pork Medallions with Raspberry Sauce or Fruit and Waffle Breakfast Kabobs. For those craving something sweeter, fresh fruit on top of ice cream and yogurt can be a go-to crowd-pleaser. Another Broken Egg Cafe® has the best fruits we have ever seen in their side option, so don’t forget to check them out when they open.
These fruits in season will stay fresh longer and sometimes be a lower cost for you!


When we think of apples, Kilwins comes to mind. They can be dipped in caramel and topped with M&Ms, nuts, syrup…you name it. Try them all to find your favorite! World of Beer has an apple dish we also get excited about: Apple Cobbler Dessert Flatbread. House-made streusel, caramel sauce, powdered sugar, and granny smith apples all baked perfectly. The smell alone will get you every time!

Head to our eateries to try these delicious dishes, grab some cookbooks from Southern Living Store and Books-A-Million, pick up recipe cards from The Spice & Tea Exchange, and get going on those fall dishes before you miss out!

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