The holiday season has officially begun and with it comes the inescapeable pile up of party invitations. From family gatherings and work Christmas parties, to the more formal holiday galas, your never-ending list of calendar events seems to be begging for more attention than usual. Before you start to panic and hurry to the grocery to start stocking up on the essentials, we’ve taken care of the heavy lifting for you. Read on for a list of our favorite festive treats for the Holiday seasons available at Destin Commons. Now stop stressing out, and focus your attention on more important things like your perfect party outfit or who you want to be kissing under the mistletoe this year.

1. WILLIAMS-SONOMA Peppermint North Poles $16.95
Spice up your hot chocolate with these peppermint stirrers that can also perform double duty as an after-dinner mint or a chocolate treat.

2. STARBUCKS Hot Chocolate on a Stick Gift Set $11.99
Dip a chocolate stir stick in warm milk and top with marshmallow. Enjoy. Includes one dark and one milk chocolate hot chocolate stick.

3. IT’SUGAR Chocolate Covered Pretzels Candy Gift Box $14.99
These chocolate covered pretzels make the perfect holiday gift for friends and family. The yummy oversized pretzels are covered in colorful sprinkles, chocolate chips and M&M’s. They also make a great addition to your holiday party. Includes 12 gourmet pretzels.

4. KILWINS Holiday Chocolate Dipped Oreos $7.95
A selection of seasonally decorated milk, dark, and white chocolate dipped Oreo cookies decorated with holiday inspired characters. Get in the Christmas spirit today with these treats that are sure to please.

5. WILLIAMS-SONOMA Gingerbread House Mug Toppers $19.95
Accessorize your coffee or cocoa with this trio of adorable gingerbread houses, designed to perch right on the edge of a mug.

6. IT’SUGAR Personalized 3 Car Gingerbread Train $59.99
Load up the holiday whimsy this season with an adorable gingerbread train! This unique edible creation comes complete with three train cars, a personalized icing plate, and plenty of yummy details.

7. KILWINS Merry Memories Gift Basket $149.99
A memorable gift basket overflowing with a delectable collection of Kilwins signature items including: Pecan Brittle, Cashew Brittle, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Corn, Nutcracker Sweets, Pecan Tuttles, a Pecan Snapper, a Bear Claw, Cashews and Mixed Nuts!

8. STARBUCKS Advent Calendar 2015 $44.95
The magic builds day by day and treat by treat with this tree and ornament advent calendar. The tree-shaped calendar is trimmed with 25 colorful and reusable tin ornaments filled with milk chocolate and peppermint bark pieces. A limited-edition $5 Mini Starbucks Card forms the tree’s base.

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