Footwear Trends for Fall 2016 have arrived and their surprisingly close to the style trends of the season. There is no set ‘theme’ for fall fashion this year, but you’ll notice trends from multiple decades bleeding into one wild showcase. The 70’s craze is beginning to phase out and the quirky and futuristic styles from the 80’s and 90’s are taking center stage- with a modern twist of course. Velvet, pleather, and suede, are among some of the materials that were resurrected from the fashion graveyard this season- and let’s face it, we are kind of excited about it!

If strutting your stuff in a velvet overcoat seems a bit much, shoes will be the perfect vessel to work the biggest trends of the season into your outfits. Let’s face it, fall is the season of intriguing creations and generally sets the stage for the coming year! Platforms, straps, buckles, and lots of texture are all to be expected. No matter what your style may be, these shoes are one of the simplest ways to kick start your outfit into the new season. So get your wardrobe ready for fall with some of our favorite picks at Destin Commons!



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