Everything is Coming Up Disney

If you are a Disney lover, and let’s face it, who is not a lover of all things Disney, then you are over the moon with the fact that Disney has released a bunch of live action films over the past few years. It all started with the deeply misunderstood Maleficent, which put a twist on the classic fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. Then came the fan favorite Cinderella, and yes, we are still swooning over that magnificent blue ball gown and glass slippers. And let’s not forget Beauty and the Beast, where we all fell in love with the evil Gaston and his hilarious sidekick, Le Fou played by Luke Evans and Josh Gad. And most recently, we were taken on a new adventure with the magical Mary Poppins and the Banks family in Mary Poppins Returns and the heart tugging story of the little elephant with the jumbo ears in Dumbo.

The rest of 2019 will not leave you disappointed, as the journey of everything Disney continues. Whether it is a classic tale retold or a new adventure with treasured characters of your past, Disney has something for people of all ages. We invite you to sit back, relax, and bask in the glory that is Disney!


Coming up next for Disney is the live action version of the beloved 1992 animated Aladdin. Who will ever forget being taken on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin or the antics of the lovable and wisecracking Genie? On May 22nd, get ready to take flight again and join Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the Genie, and Abu as they share the tale of the charming street rat and how he discovers that true strength of character comes from within. Plus, we cannot wait to see Will Smith as the Genie and how he will interpret what Robin Williams so brilliantly voiced in 1992. This is no small feat given that Robin Williams made the Genie the iconic and unforgettable character that we still hold dear to our hearts!


The gang is back together so mark your calendars for June 19th and get ready to blast off “To Infinity and Beyond!” Join everybody’s favorite toys of Woody, Buzz, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Rex, Jessie and Mr. Potato Head as they embark on a road trip with Bonnie and the newest toy, Forky. Our friends take a slight detour as Bo Peep returns and we will finally find out if the love story of Woody and Bo Peep plays out. We are sure that the story is filled with punchy humor and best of all, FUN! If you are anything like us, we know that you get nostalgic about your childhood whenever a Toy Story flick is on.


Deep in the savanna of Africa, the future king, Simba, is born, much to the dismay of his uncle, Mufasa. Through a series of tragic events, Simba leaves Pride Rock in an attempt to escape his troubled past. But the past always finds a way of catching up and with the help of Simba’s pals, Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala, he returns for the fight of his life to claim his rightful throne. This epic tale about the circle of life hits theatres on July 19th. With the celebrated music from the original film, you are guaranteed to leave the theatre in awe and wonder!


She’s back! In this sequel, being released on October 18th, we pick up several years after the original Maleficent, where we learned of the events that led the horned villain down the path of evil and cursing the innocent baby Princess Aurora. In the Mistress of Evil, Maleficent and Princess Aurora will shed more light on their complicated relationship, as new alliances are formed and each faces new enemies. Sounds like the perfect film to welcome in the Halloween season- wicked good fun!


We just got goosebumps thinking about this eagerly anticipated sequel to the cult favorite Frozen. On November 22, the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, are coming back to take us on the next adventure of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff and Olaf, where they travel far I to the forest to discover the ancient mystery of Arendelle. The music alone should have us all coming back to see this again and again. As if we needed a reason! And we are not sure what you are predicting, but we are envisioning every other little girl being Elsa or Anna for Halloween.

Disney has pulled out all the stops in 2019 and we could not be more excited to see these new feature films. We invite you to come out to AMC Theatre with your family and friends, grab some popcorn and your favorite snacks, and escape into the magic that only Disney can bring you!

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