Easy Supper Solutions for Back to School

With our help, weeknights don’t have to be hard

Getting back into the routine of school is not often easy, but simplifying your meal plan can help the transition a lot. Pick easier recipes with less steps, less ingredients, and shorter prep times. Or skip the cooking and pick up a freshly made family meal. Check out these solutions and more to make this hectic time of year less than.

Whole Foods Market

Grab some grub at the hot and ready section, pick up a pizza, order something to go from the Local Catch Bar, or grab one of these prepared meals like the lasagna with meat sauce or chicken pot pie. Whole Foods Market knows how to make good food really easy, so you can always count on them to make your back to school burden a little lighter.

The Spice & Tea Exchange

If you haven’t really looked in to this store, you are missing out! Not only do they have separate spices and teas to try, they also have spice blends for anything you can think of. From baking to barbequing and dozens of recipes to try, they offer a helping hand when you do not want hamburger helper. Soups, salads, dips, and avocado toasts are great for appetizers or all together as the meal and are incredibly easy to make. Got a slow cooker? The Spice & Tea Exchange has over 15 recipes in-store for that too. Stop in, grab a recipe card, and make any meal taste delicious with their flavorful offerings.

Pepper Palace

This shop offers up recipes too like this one for pulled pork. Get your slow cooker out, throw these 6 ingredients in, and the next day you’ll have a wonderfully savory meal with the help of a Pepper Palace BBQ Sauce and we suggest their Flavor of New Orleans bottle.

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen  

If you’re looking for comfort food or fresh ideas, stop in to PDFK and buy one of her cookbooks with recipes like her easy, creamy macaroni and cheese or chicken and dumplings. Don’t have the time or energy to do anything? Take everyone to Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen and enjoy great home cooking from the Queen of the South. No one will leave hungry or unsatisfied, especially if y’all order the ooey gooey butter cake.

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