Dressing the Part When Working From Home

Most of us are used to our daily routines where we get dressed on autopilot for work. Suddenly, we find ourselves with the reality of remote working and many of us are thinking that working in our pajamas is the way to go. Before you cozy up to your laptop straight from your slumber, you may want to rethink your game plan. The truth is that experts have found that we are less productive when working in our pajamas and are disheveled.

The truth is that we need to start our day as we normally do. In other words, get up, have your morning coffee and breakfast, and get ready as you normally do but keeping comfort dressing in mind. This will get you in a professional frame of mind and ready to tackle the day.

Here are some tips for suggested work from home wear. Now, you will be ready for those video calls that can happen on a whim.

Tip 1: Business on Top

We are not suggesting you wear a suit at home. Your top can still be comfortable but make it presentable. You never know when there will be a meeting held on Zoom and you want to be ready at a moment’s notice. We suggest a simple cotton dress, a solid t-shirt, or a flattering shell.

Tip 2: Party on the Bottom

Here is where the real comfort comes in and no one will ever be the wiser. Try pairing your top with your favorite jeans, a cute pair of joggers, or stretchy leggings. You will still look put together and appropriate while working from home.

Tip 3: Make Time for Hair and Makeup

Remember those video calls and how your top needs to look work-appropriate? The same holds true for your hair and makeup. Take the time each morning before you open your laptop to fix your hair and apply some light makeup. We are not talking about going out full glam (feel free if that suits you!) but run a brush through your hair and apply some concealer, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. Trust us on this one. You will feel more productive and your co-workers will not wonder who you are on that video call.

Tip 4: Keep the Accessories Minimal

When you are working from home, it is best to keep your accessories simple. A delicate necklace or a classic pair of hoop or stud earrings goes with everything and you will feel polished and put together.

Tip 5: Stay on Your Toes

When working remotely, no longer are you a slave to high heels. Chances are many of you will not even have shoes on. That is okay! Some of us prefer to have something covering our toes, so here are some cute ideas to keep you on the move or just have under the desk ready if you need them. A great pair of ballet flats keep your outfit stylish and look great with everything. Looking for something a bit more sporty? Slip-on sneakers are easy and pair nicely with jeans or joggers. Sometimes we just want cozy, so keep a pair of fuzzy slippers nearby. Your feet will thank you!

We hope you found some inspiration here as you settle into your new routine of working from home.

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