Channel Your Inner Rainbow Bright

Hello to all of our fashion-loving followers! Summer is here and that means we are celebrating all the colors of the rainbow. Bright, bold colors will elevate your mood and are guaranteed to be eye-catching. An added bonus is that bright colors make you feel more youthful and chic. So, let’s celebrate summer in all its splendor and channel your inner rainbow bright. We selected a few of our favorites from the retailers at Destin Commons.

Fiery Reds

Red is the first color of rainbow and represents passion and vitality. Think about it for a second. When you want to make a statement, what color pops into your mind? RED! It is bold and daring and a head turner.

Punchy Orange

Oh, orange! How we do love you. Orange is known for being dynamic and representing playfulness, warmth, and creativity. This vibrant color is not for the meek but for those that want to make an entrance.

Sunny Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun itself. This hue is the very essence of happiness, energy, and everything we love about summer. Yellow looks amazing when paired with an equally strong black.

Gracious Green

Green is the middle color of the rainbow and is best associated with bringing luck. It also represents health, growth, and wealth. Green is a color we feel lucky to wear.

Not So Basic Blue

Blue is actually the most popular color choice for most. To be honest, blue represents the sky and the ocean and therefor is comforting and soothing. Blue also conveys trust, loyalty, and cleanliness which is why we gravitate towards it like a trusted friend.

Regal Purple

Finally, we come to the lovely color of purple. Purple is not a color commonly found in nature therefore giving it a supernatural aura. It also considered the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow. Taking into account all of this, purple has come to symbolize magic, mystery, creativity, dignity, and royalty.