Channel Your Inner Artist

Over the past few days, we have missed seeing all of you strolling throughout Destin Commons, the Instagram posts in front of our art murals, and the joyful sounds of the children playing on the playground. So, we wanted to bring a little Destin Commons into your home. We have turned our art murals into coloring pages for everyone to enjoy. Are the kids feeling a bit restless? Do you have some extra time on your hands? Just download one or all of the murals and enjoy coloring. Not only is it great for fine motor skills, but it is also a calming and therapeutic activity!

We invite all of you to show us your creative masterpieces. Just post it on social media and don’t forget to tag #thedestincommons. You never know- you just might find your artwork featured at Destin Commons.

Please stay safe and healthy while we all practice social distancing and enjoy coloring our murals as you see them. We will see you soon!

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