Back to School means much more than just finding that perfect first day of school outfit and stocking up on supplies to ensure a successful academic year. Back to School is a time where students, teachers and parents get to set the stage for who they will become over the course of the next nine months.


When it comes to buying outfits for your kids, there is one major component you must consider: functionality! Of course you want your child to be the coolest kid on the block, but their clothes will have to endure hours of running around in the playground, arts and crafts, and the lunchroom! Here’s a few of our favorite picks for ultimate style and comfort to ensure your child is ready to kick off the school year.


There is no denying teen style is all about making a statement and let’s face it, if there’s ever a time to say, “Here I am World!” the first day of school is the time to do it. Whether your style is preppy, boho, skater or a combination of all three, make a splash with an outfit that is perfectly you…and don’t be afraid to experiment with classic styles that offer a unique twist.


Goodbye High School, Hello College! Now that you’ve officially made it into adulthood, your style is less about making a bold statement and more about comfort and affordability. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 offer tons of on-trend items at unbeatable prices, and they will definitely be your best friend when planning what to wear for orientation.


We can’t forget our Teachers! You get ready for back to school every year and meeting a new class and even more new parents means you’ll want to make a strong impression. A perfect trifecta of quality, comfort, and style are your main focus when getting your wardrobe in order. Lairing is essential since you’ll be transitioning between inside and outside throughout the day, and comfortable shoes are an absolute must!

Whether you’re just starting elementary or a seasoned pro at beginning a new school year, one thing is for certain, Destin Commons has just what you need to get ready for success. So as you’re out shopping over the next few weeks, be bold and be daring with your style choices, but most importantly…be YOU!

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