Always a Classic

pantone color of the year 2020

The start of a new decade and Pantone is taking us back to a classic. This year Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as the Color of the Year and we could not be more delighted.

Did you know that the color blue has positive effects on both the mind and the body? This classic color represents freedom, intuition, imagination, loyalty, wisdom, stability, and confidence. It is no wonder that so many people gravitate towards this color in their fashion choices as well as their homes. Not to mention that it looks incredible on everyone. We will show you how to add a little or a lot of blue to your life.

United by Blue

Classic Blue is showing up everywhere this season and we found a few of our favorite pieces for women. Whether you want to add just a few subtle touches of blue to your outfit or want to completely embrace the color of the year, there is something for every woman. We love the idea of brightening up our mood and our complexion by throwing on a cozy knit sweater from Express or American Eagle. H&M is incorporating classic blue by mixing it into patterns. Either way- you cannot go wrong.

A Step In the Right Direction

Don’t forget to make your feet happy! We found everything from killer heels that just scream confidence, to comfortable athletic shoes, to everyday flats that are great for the woman on the go. Try pairing blue footwear with a neutral outfit for a punch of color that is sure to get you recognized.

Standout Accessories

Accessories are a perfect way to bring blue into your outfit. During the colder months, try throwing on a plaid scarf in classic blue. It instantly makes a neutral palette chic, plus keeps you cozy and warm. Try a functional and beautiful tote to tie your ensemble together or perhaps some dazzling jewelry from Brighton Collectibles. Any of these choices will give your outfit an added touch of elegance.

Men in Blue

There is just something about the color blue on men that exudes confidence. That may explain why men frequently have a power suit in a beautiful shade of blue. This year, you will find even more blue items for men in retailers. We love the simplicity of the classic blue swim shorts from H&M, and we genuinely believe that every man needs a sharp blue tie in his wardrobe.

Skincare’s Blue Obsession

There are things in our lives where blue is a given, like our fashion choices, jewelry, and nail polishes. Then, there are items in our life where they should be blue. We are talking about our skincare! Did you know that the ingredients Blue Tansy, Azulene, and Indigo are fantastic for treating inflamed, irritated, and damaged skin? These products just maybe a skin savior if you suffer from these skin conditions.

So, if you are a true blue lover, you will find Pantone’s Color of the Year right up your alley. Make sure you take advantage of incorporating blue into every aspect of your life. We know you will be happier for it!

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