5 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear After October 31st

Whether you rock Women’s, Men’s, or Kid’s—who wouldn’t like to get more than one night out of a Halloween costume? Here are 5 that can be styled into everyday outfits post October 31st.

@ H&M turn your Women’s Fitted Jumpsuit from ‘Black Bunny’ into ‘Fall Fashionista’

@ H&M turn your Kid’s Tulle Skirt from ‘Swan Lake Ballerina’ to ‘Preschool Popular’

@ H&M turn your Men’s Striped Top from ‘Eerie Beetlejuice’ into ‘Genial Gent’

@ Forever 21 turn your Women’s Ombre Sequin Halter Bodysuit from ‘Mystical Mermaid’ into ‘Date Night Du Jour’

@ Forever 21 turn your Men’s Super Massive Hawaiian Shirt from ‘Ace Ventura Pet Detective’ into ‘Casual Class’

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